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We are here to help you to shop, dine, relax, unwind, enjoy!


Treat yourself to a day of relaxation.... Let Crown Concierge clean your home, run your errands and make dinner reservations!

Property Management Services


Absent Owner Home Care

Property Care by a Caring Staff

Crown Concierge of the Desert offers year-round “Absent Owner Home Care” services that give homeowners piece of mind during their absence. No more worries about a special trip to take care of concerns! Crown Concierge is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to:



v Secure windows and doors
v Check for insect/rodent problems

v Check for water & gas leaks
v Forward important mail
v Flush toilets & clean bowls
v Run water through all lines


 Crown Concierge will be the first call your security company or gated community makes when your in-home alarm is activated. We will personally meet the alarm company or police, and walk through and inspect your home for possible break-ins.

During high winds, heavy rain or after an earthquake,
Crown Concierge will check your home for damage, and report any findings immediately to you, the owner. We will coordinate insurance & repair appointments, and oversee the work through completion.


Let Crown Concierge take you from stressed to stress-free!

Please call today for your free quote: (760) 333-1169

Property Management Services

Are you looking for an honest, reliable property management company? One that is devoted to helping you find a good residential tenant for your home or look after your property while you are away? Crown Property Management is here to help!

Crown Property Management will save you valuable time and energy. You won't have to deal with rent collection or the burden of handling maintenance requests. We will handle property inspections, maintain the landscaping, screen tenants, collect rent, and provide you with financial statements, all for a very affordable fee. It is well worth having Crown Property Management working for you!

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